Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 1st Bread Braid with HBin5
Assignment: 1 Full recipe Soft Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread, Pgs 92-93
Hamburger or Hotdog Buns, 94-95
1 Loaf Apple Strudel , pgs 277-278
We can make substitutions, but share what and how we substituted with the group in our blogs.

The first substitution I usually make is swapping the measurements of the whole wheat flour for the all purpose flour.
Whole Wheat Brioche Apple Strudel:
3 c of WWW( white whole wheat) and 4 c of AP (all purpose flour).
Although the recipe in the book calls for 2 ¼ c vital wheat gluten I followed Zoe’s correction and used only ¼ c VWG.

As an experiment I used ½ c applesauce and ¼ c canola oil instead of the ¾ c unsalted butter called for in the recipe.

Since I was making a full recipe of the WW Brioche I decided I would make one loaf in my brioche pan. This was the first time I was able to use it since I bought it! Woohoo! I sprayed it with Pam first and then put in my dough. I really like using the pan since this dough is so soft and loose!

I also made the strudel but put them in loaf pans. When I rolled up my strudel I realized my loaves came out bigger than I wanted for the pans! Best laid plans and all that you know! So I just cut off the ends and put the rounds in small round silicon pans, so it looked like small cinnamon rolls. All of the loaves came out wonderful.

Taking a page from our wonderful leader Michelle, I cut two slices of the regular style brioche and made two open face brie and apple sandwiches for my lunch. I toasted the brioche and placed the warm brie on them, then added the apple rounds that I had slightly cooked in the skillet with a bit of butter, cinnamon and sugar. Yum! A beautiful lunch!

Thanks for the idea Michelle!

I shared the goodies, of course, and people were nuts over the struedel and the brioche. One of my co-workers, Lori, has become one of my favorite testers…she’s like I am, always analyzing what works and what doesn’t in food. When I explained that I had swapped out the butter for the applesauce she was very intrigued. We were both amazed at how tender and moist the crumb was. Not a hint of apple flavor to indicate the swap!


Soft Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread
4 c WWW (white whole wheat) instead of 5 c WW. I didn’t have any regular WW so used what I had in the cupboard which happened to be WWW

Other than that I baked the bread as instructed. I made, hot dog rolls and hamburger rolls. Ken has had both types of rolls. He waves his hand back and forth when I ask how he likes them. “You’re never going to get me to like that brown flour, Ezzie” he says with a frown. I give up. LOL. I love the soft whole wheat dough, and so does my neighbor, Waneta, so I will keep making it for us. For Ken, I will continue with his favorites, deli rye (ABin5 book) and sourdough.

For some reason I don't have nay pictures of the regular hotdog buns I made. But I do have images of the wrapped hotdog buns. This is my interpretation of the pretzel wrapped hotdogs that seem to be a staple in this area.

Below is the hamburger buns stuffed with pastrami and mustard. Oh yum!
I like this dough so much that I've already made another batch of rolls and loaf sandwich bread from it. And of course, Waneta got a loaf. She loves it!


  1. WOW my mouth is just watering over your food here!!! Great job.........

  2. LOVE the hot dog pretzels! I'm going to try this next time!

    Your brioche is gorgeous! And the Apple Brie Sandwich looks more a dessert then a sandwich which made it taste all the better!

    My husband rarely ever eat white bread but he does not like my WW bread...go figure!

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  6. Oh my gosh! Hold me back - I must have that brie sandwich! :-))

    Love all the various shapes you did here - I played it straight, with a few change-ups, and it didn't seem to hurt it any. Astonishing! My husband has directed that I shouldn't "lose this recipe"!

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    I'm also intrigued by this applesauce business. I didn't think you could do the substitution for yeast breads. But obviously I was wrong...

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