Thursday, February 21, 2013

Eggplant & Angel Hair Frittata

I found this recipe on the back of one of the BJs Warehouse coupon flyer. For those who are going ‘BJs?” that’s a warehouse type grocery/household/computer store similar to Sam’s and Costco.  By the way I belong to all three.

But there is something different about BJs, at least in my town.  First ALL BJs accept manufacturer coupons!  They also send a coupon book each month and each week have coupon sheets.  Additionally they carry more high-end foodstuffs than our local Sam’s club does.  This allows me to stretch my grocery dollars to include a few special things each payday!  Oh and they take all major credit cards.  So you can guess that I shop there often! 

There are a few things they don’t have at my neighborhood BJs such as rotisserie chicken, but the BJs about 20 miles away does.  And I was NOT happy when they quit carrying really good sourdough bread, instead putting on the shelves a “take and bake” sourdough at twice the price!  This was in the middle of summer!  When I asked why the switch I was told “oh our customers have really been asking for this!”  Yeah, right, like I’ll ask for something that will cost me twice as much and require I finish the baking in the middle of summer!   Thanks for doing that BJs…I now make my own sourdough, so take that!  LOL.  Don’t mess with the Ezzie!

But when I saw this recipe I had to give it a try!   It was easy to do but I should have used a baking spray on my stainless steel skillet, because even with the oil it the frittata stuck!  But that was ok.  I served it to my hubby (who loves pasta with red sauce) and he really liked this.  He only wanted one serving but I found him scraping off the toasty bits from the pan.  See why I said it was ok that it stuck?!  LOL. 

I’ve changed the ingredients just a bit.  For instance the original calls for fresh mozzarella, I didn’t have any.  So I used a shredded mozzarella.  Instead of the BelGioioso Parmigiano-Reggiano, I used BelGioioso Salad Blend which is a blend of shaved cheeses that I love!  The black pepper I replaced with fresh cracked black pepper, always my choice.

I also used only 4 eggplant cutlets and baked them instead of frying or sautéing them.  I hate the mess frying or sautéing makes.  The only reason I used just 4 instead of 8 is because we didn't want more than two of us could eat.  Even with only 4 cutlets, I used the same amount of pasta and eggs, and we still had enough left over for lunch the next day.  

Note:  I forgot to take a picture before serving, so am using the picture from the coupon flyer. 

Serves 6
8 Michael Angelo’s Eggplant Cutlets
4 oz. Barilla Angel hair Pasta, cooked, well-drained
4 large eggs, beaten
Sea Salt
Fresh cracked black pepper
½ c diced fresh mozzarella, or shredded mozzarella or cheese of your choice
3 tbsp. grated BelGioioso Parmigiano-Reggiano or BelGioioso Salad Blend

  • Preheat broiler. Combine eggs and pasta in large bowl and mix well. Season with salt and pepper.
  • Heat 1 Tbsp. oil in large oven-proof skillet over medium-high heat. Sauté cutlets per package directions until tender-crisp. Set aside.
  • Add remaining oil, coating pan thoroughly. Reduce heat to medium and pour in half of pasta-egg mixture. Spread evenly and top with mozzarella, eggplant and remaining pasta-egg mixture.
  • Let cook, occasionally running rubber spatula around edges to prevent sticking, until center is almost set and bottom is golden-brown.
  • Transfer pan to broiler for 1 to 2 minutes to brown top.
  • Sprinkle with Parmigiano-Reggiano. Slice into wedges and serve with soup and salad.

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