Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 1st HB in 5 Bread Braid, Milk and Honey Raisin, and Chocolate Espresso Whole Wheat Brioche

1/2 recipe Chocolate Espresso Whole Wheat Brioche, pgs 294-296
1/2 recipe of Milk and Honey Raisin Bread, pgs 270-271

We can make substitutions, but share what and how we substituted with the group in our blogs.
Milk and Honey Rasin Bread

I made a full recipe
Instead of 4 1/2 c AP and 4 3/4  c of whole wheat
I used 5 c AP and 3 c WWW (white whole wheat for whole wheat)
For the raisins I used my home dehydrated seedless red grape raisins
I also soaked my raisins in warmed up homemade port (just enough to cover, then drank the port after the raisins were plumped up!)


I only did the Milk and Honey Raisin dough this time.  I will make the other recipe later.  I'm still in SQL class, and most of my "spare time" is spent studying.  I have only 2 more weeks to go in the class so at this point I am studying hard for the final!  Will be glad to be done with it and back to doing what I really love, baking, cooking and blogging about it and exploring more cultures.

As I have said before, I let the dough tell me what it wants to be.  In this case it wanted to take on those high calorie sugary breakfast pastries with a healthier approach.  I love the cheese danishes and sugar content is way too high.

I love the tenderness of this dough!  I did have agave syrup (bought at Costco recently) to try in it.  I love agave syrup!  It's a different taste from honey.  But frankly I can't see that the agave syrup made that much of a difference in the taste.  Since agave syrup is still expensive, I would opt for the less expensive honey next time. 

Here I've added my homemade raisins that I had soaked in port

I tried a variety of shapes, all worked well! I call the ones on the bottom of the pan "papooses" as they remind me of the papoose that the Native American women carried their babies in. 

The papooses have a mixture of mascapone cheese, walnuts, and more raisins.  
All of the shapes above have mascapone cheese instead of cream cheese.   

All shapes were a great success!

As usual, I shared some with neighbors and took some into the office.  That's one of the things that I love about doing a full recipe...4 pounds of dough makes for alot of sharing and BIG SMILES!

Be sure to check out what others did with our May 1st Bread Bread at:


  1. I love the beautiful shapes of your rolls and loaves. The round rolls are beautiful. You may not have done both recipes but you sure did the Milk and HOney dough proud. Wish I was a friend or neighbor. They are lucky.

  2. "Papooses"...Love the cute name and it's so perfect for the shape. So clever and I might steal this idea!

    I think baked goods are better if made small and the Papoose is a wonderful size.

  3. Love all the variety. Great job.

  4. Looks wonderful.........such nice pictures of your breads too!!!

  5. Beautiful loaves! I love all of the different shapes. I'm going to have fun with this one.

  6. What a great variety of shapes. They all looked really good.

  7. Your rolls and the loaf look wonderful. Especially liked the papooses.

    About your question re: garam masala, Ezzie, I must confess that I do not mix my own garam masala.
    In the place I lived earlier my spice vendor used to mix me a blend.
    Now I buy it readymade and I use this brand. This link has a list of the spices in the blend I buy.

    If you would rather buy it, I'm sure it must be available at the Indian store there.

    Not quite the same as home-made, but good enough. And there is no one recipe for garam masala. The mixture and proportion of spices differs from home to home!

  8. everything you did looks beautiful. your additions sound great! I loved this dough!!

  9. It looks like you had a wonderful time playing with this dough and they all look delicious. I always look forward to your posts and your creative ideas.