Sunday, February 7, 2010

Easy Recipes using Roasted Chicken from grocery stores
Part II

Another favorite recipe featuring the Roasted Chickens from Wegman’s, Sam’s Club, Costco or from your local grocery store. 

During 1989 I bought a condo in a very depressed economy in Anchorage.  This was after 1985 crash due to the cost of oil plummeting, causing real estate to also drop to the bottom of the oil barrel.  House values dropped down as much as 50%, with condos getting hit with drops to 75%.  I had left Anchorage in 1984 just prior to the crash of 1985 and fortunately had sold my house.   When I returned to Anchorage in 1988, I had a low paying job that still allowed me to buy a condo!  But I needed a roommate.  I placed an ad and found a young man who had just returned from working on oil platforms off the coast of Thailand for the past 10 years. 

He had a new job working oil platforms in the Cook Inlet.  So he would only be in town 2 weeks a month.  This was a great arrangement for both of us!  Rod turned out to be a great roommate.  He was late with the rent one month and made it up to me by taking me for a feast at a really good Thai restaurant that met his very experienced Thai food standards.   What a wonderful meal and experience for me.  Since then I will eat Thai food when I find a restaurant that is up to the same standards…hard to find here in York. 

So of course I had to start studying and trying a few dishes on my own.  One of my favorite recipes is a Coconut Chicken Galanga soup.  But now I’ve found a much easier version!  This is one of the quickest meals I can make now and delicious!

I use College Inn Culinary Broth Thai Coconut Curry as the base.  So here’s the “recipe”. 

2 boxes of College Inn Culinary Broth Thai Coconut Curry
1 roasted chicken breast chopped or shredded with skin removed
1 inch section of peeled and thinly sliced fresh ginger
1 can coconut milk (not the kind used in drinks, you want REAL coconut milk)
1 French sliced green onion
Dill or fennel frond chopped for garnish

Pour boxes of broths into pot.  Pour in coconut milk (being sure to scrape out any left over thick coconut milk clinging to bottom).  Add chicken breast, onion and ginger.  Bring to boil, then lower heat to simmer for 10 minutes.  Serve and garnish with fennel frond or dill.  You can also add a thin slice of lemon if you want. 

This is delicious! If you want add some oriental noodles, even Top Ramen noodles, but be sure to leave out the high sodium powder packet!  


  1. I just bought some coconut milk the other day. A friend of mine uses it in her coffee. I think I might give it a try tomorrow, before I dig out of our next winter storm!

  2. Followup on this recipe...I took down the ingredients for this soup to Wanetta and Wayne. I explained how to make it (this was before I had this posted) and told Wanetta to give it a try. Both she and Wayne were skeptical...but they're usually game to try just about anything I bring them. Yesterday, Wanetta asked me to pick up more of both the broth and coconut milk! They loved the soup!