Sunday, February 28, 2010

March 1st Bread Braid with HBin5

Assignment: 1 full recipe of 100% Whole Wheat bread with Olive Oil, pgs 81-82,  1 loaf
1 loaf Aloo Paratha, pgs 225-226,
1 loaf Southwestern Focaccia w/Roasted Corn & Goat Cheese
We can make substitutions, but share what and how we substituted with the group in our blogs.
100% WW Bread with Olive Oil
4 c AP, 3 c white whole wheat for whole wheat
Added ¼ c chopped fresh rosemary; 1 tsp minced dried garlic,
¼ chopped pitted green and kalamati olives

SPECIAL NOTE:  Due to being ill for a week, I did not make the second recipe.  Also because I wasn’t up to going to the grocery store for other ingredients, I made an Italian version of the Aloo Paratha. When I started the dough I wasn’t into a full blown viral infection thank goodness or else I would have no bread to blog about at all.   I had the dough sitting in the refrigerator for a week before I could utilize it.


Despite the snow my wonderful rosemary bush (now 4 yrs old) is still a great source for fresh leaves!  So as I was making my WW with Olive Oil dough I decided it needed the fresh rosemary, garlic and olives.  I put this combination in my semolina bread and it’s one that I thought would be good in this recipe.   

Once I was well enough to work with it, I decided to just work with some fresh mozzarella that needed to be used up and some roasted chicken.   I thought it would make a good combination in the “Aloo Paratha” format and I didn’t have to go to the grocery store for anything.  I softened more of the minced dried garlic by soaking it in water and then sprinkling on top with some kosher salt and parmesan cheese. 

Ken dipping Italian version of Aloo Paratha in pasta sauce.  
That's my homemade New Zealand Merlot that he drank with it.  

That turned out to be a good idea since it made a nice dinner for Ken.  But even though he liked it, he still complained about the whole wheat…and no, he wasn’t even sure it had whole wheat in it…he is just punchy about whole wheat at this point.  LOL.  To appease him, at the time I was writing this there were plain hamburger buns and hot dog buns in the oven baking for him from the master recipe in ABin5! 

I also decided to make some ciabatta squares.  I rolled out the dough flat, and cut into 4” wide strips.  Then I let that rise on the cookie sheets.  Just before baking I poked it all over with my fingertips, brushed on olive oil, and sprinkled with kosher salt.  Finally I used my dough scraper to score the ciabatta into squares for easy splitting. 


Great open-faced breakfast sandwich, fresh tomatoes and aged white cheddar cheese on ciabatta square.

I had enough dough left for two more loaves!  I wrapped the last of the fresh mozzarella into dough that I shaped into a log.  Just before baking I brushed it with a beaten egg, sprinkled with kosher salt, and then slashed deep enough to expose the cheese inside.  While it looked very good when it came out of the oven, a lot of the cheese had escaped.  Sigh.  Oh well!  It is still very good for toast and sandwiches. 


Mozarella rolled into WWW with Oil dough (L) and Italian style Aloo Paratha (R)

 Lastly I decided to practice again with the wheat leaf pattern. 

Considering how sick I have been this week, I am quite happy with what I was finally able to produce! 


  1. Ahhhh....I like the idea of stuffing the bread with cheese and dipping it in pasta sauce! Great idea!

  2. Yum! Adding rosemary, what a great idea. I'll have to do that next time.

  3. oh wow. That looks so delicious. I may have to try the dough again and make this!

  4. Wow, for not feeling well you sure accomplished a lot! And, it all looks so yummy. I love the idea of putting fresh rosemary, olives and garlic in a loaf. That sounds great. (Hope you're feeling much better now!)

  5. Did you say your 'homemade' Merlot? I'm very impressed! I'm very envious of your rosemary bush and the bread dipped in pasta sauce - perfect.

  6. Love the cheese in the bread too. The more I read everyone's blogs, the more adventurous I get with my own baking. Great job!

  7. This is some serious improvization. It looks so good. How original are you!?!

  8. Your breads look so pretty! That leaf bread is gorgeous and the Italian paratha is kind of like a calzone...oh how I love calzones. Great idea for stuffing it!

  9. Wow, really great! I am impressed with your creativity!

  10. I am so jealous of your rosemary bushes!!! Everything looks wonderful.

  11. Your Italian version looks so yummy! Love that gooey mozzarella cheese!

  12. Interesting take on the aloo paratha. Guess all of us have WW-phobic families! :)

  13. A loaf of cheese-stuffed bread,a jug of wine--with that you can even skip the "thou" so as to not have to share.

  14. All of your breads look great! I love the Italian version stuffed with cheese and that homemade Merlot sounds wonderful!

    I just got another rosemary plant to plant soon. I hope it grows as nicely as yours. Great job especially since you've been so sick.

  15. Breads all look yummy! How nice to have something growing outside despite the weather. Hope you are feeling better now!

  16. OMG...I loved the idea of stuffing cheese in the bread.All your breads look very inviting...i loved the ciabatta squares very much.Thanks for visiting my blog:)

  17. Sorry you were under the weather, but you certainly came back with a bang! What great looking breads. The ciabatta looked scumptous!

  18. great job with the bread, it all turned out lovely!!