Thursday, November 12, 2009

Top Chef inspirations

I love the show Top Chef on Bravo.  In this season, number 6, they are in Las Vegas.  When will they go to France, or Madrid Spain, or how about Huatulco, Mexico.

One of the things lacking on Top Chef however is the use of beer in their recipes.  Tonight the quick fire challenge was serving breakfast in bed to Padma, the host, and Nigella Lawson, a guest judge.  I saw no one incorporating beer into their breakfast dish.  No I am not talking about cornflakes and beer.  But several served a meaty dish.  One was a breakfast style rueben that sounded very good...why not use a bit of beer to cook the sauerkraut?

One of my favorite dishes is to cook my corned beef in beer.  Usually I will use something like the nut brown ale, well balanced and not too rich.

I cook it in the crockpot and just cover the beef in 1 bottle of beer.  Then during the last 30 minutes I will toss in a quarter of a head of cabbage.

I serve it with my homemade deli rye bread.  And of course a glass of beer.  Oh such a good meal on a cold night in the middle of winter.  Come on snow!

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